Samantha Ramsey

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."


Independent Study: Advanced Mission Design

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In Progress

My independent study course on advanced mission design is collaborating with this year's interplanetary senior design. We are building and optimizing a trajectory to get a space-craft from Lower-Earth-Orbit to the Saturn system, then, by perfo…

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2019 Vanderbilt Hackathon

At the Vanderbilt Hackathon ('VandyHacks IV: Art Edition') my teammate and I created a virtual reality simulation of our interpretation of  the first art museum on Mars, featuring narration by a neural network Carl Sagan, 3-dimensional constellation exhibits, and a real-time map of the Martian sky u…

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Trajectories Intern Summer 2019

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Copernicus is an in-space flight simulation software used by NASA to perform launch window scans and optimize trajectories. Performing scans requires varying the launch date, resulting in perturbations in the trajectory which increases the number of iterations…

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